Homeowners around the globe know water leakage is among the significant dangers to the appearance of a building and the strength of the structure. However, you must understand that not all home parts are equally susceptible to water damage.

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This is why you should recognize the places vulnerable to water leak threats to know which ones require waterproofing coating the most. So which parts of a house need waterproofing more?

Where is Waterproofing Needed?

Water can affect numerous things, including your most cherished belongings and the materials utilized to construct your home. Due to this, you need to consider waterproofing solutions for some parts of your home. Waterproofing is best done during a house renovation or building, and any areas in your home exposed to water and moisture must be waterproofed. So we’ve listed five areas below that will require the most attention.

1. Kitchens

Waterproofing the cabinets, backsplashes near the sink and stove, and counters make a huge difference. The cabinet under sinks is an ideal environment for mold growth, and cracked countertops can create water seepage that may accumulate inside. Kitchen waterproofing is executed with sealing joints and surface treatments.

2. Balconies

Since balconies are more exposed to elements like wind, snow, and rain, they’re prone to seepages. Waterproofing is essential, particularly if a balcony is wood framed. While concrete structures get more benefits from extra layers of defense against mold, fractures, and the sun’s UV rays.

Waterproofing your balcony is a wise idea if you don’t want to deal with water damage concerns in the future. However, it is best to have your patio repaired by restoration specialists if it has water damage before waterproofing it. You may contact contact PuroClean Downtown Miami if you need to book an appointment.

3. Basements

No one wants moisture to enter into their finished-or-not basement. While improving the yard drainage in this area can prevent flooding, most house owners prefer waterproofing their basement for additional defense. You may have to consider exterior waterproofing if you experience regular flooding in your basement.

The basement’s lack of ventilation and vulnerability to high moisture levels may be a perfect environment for mold growth. So if you observe molds growing in several parts of your basement and the DIY method won’t seem adequate, hire mold specialists to do the job.

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4. Roofs

Leaking roofs create many issues, often followed by mold development and water damage. The attic is more prone when roofs leak, specifically if there is exposed insulation that can trap and soak up water for extended durations. If you have conventional sloped roofs, this should be adequate to endure water damage as much of the materials used to help waterproof them include the flashing, base sheet, and underlayment.

However, flat roofs might require extra layers of waterproof materials and plenty of drainages to prevent standing water. Waterproofing your roof is a good and cost-effective decision if you wish to avoid water damage in the future. Otherwise, you will need to hire remediation professionals if water causes significant problems to your home later.

5. Bathrooms

Because bathrooms are generally exposed to water daily, they require substantial waterproofing. Waterproofing your bathroom’s walls, ceilings, and floorings are necessary to prevent excess moisture. Ensure that the ceilings are coated with waterproof paint and have a vent to bring damp air outside the bathroom.