Finding the Best Veterinary Dentists: A Complete Guide

Have you ever wondered how to keep your furry friend’s teeth healthy and clean? Just like us, our beloved pets need dental care, too! Maintaining your dog’s oral health is essential for ensuring their overall well-being. In this article, we’ll explore how to find the best veterinary dentist in your area and discuss the importance of veterinary internal medicine and pet boarding. Let’s dive in!

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The Importance of Choosing the Right Veterinary Dentist

Like finding the best dentist for yourself, choosing the right veterinary dentist for your dog is crucial. This specialist should have the expertise to handle all dental issues, proper training, and certification (e.g., American Veterinary Dental College membership).

Finding the Best Veterinary Dentists in Your Area

Research and Referrals

Start by searching the American Veterinary Dental College directory. You could also ask your friends, family, or primary vet for personal referrals. Remember to check online reviews and testimonials to understand their services better.

Checking Credentials and ExperienceWhat Makes a Great Veterinary Dentist Stand Out?

Advanced Procedures and Treatments

A top-notch veterinary dentist should offer comprehensive dental assessments, root canal therapy, extractions, oral surgery, treatment of malocclusions, and dental crowns and restorations. These services are vital for addressing various dental problems your pet might have.

Anesthesia Best Practices

Proper administration and monitoring of anesthesia during dental procedures safeguard your dog’s health and comfort. A great veterinary dentist should be prepared to handle any unforeseen complications.

Emphasis on Preventative Oral Care and Educating Pet Owners

Dentists who prioritize preventative care and educating pet owners on maintaining oral health are invaluable. They should provide recommendations for at-home dental care and suggest dental chews or treats for maintaining oral hygiene between visits.

Comfortable and Low-Stress Environment

Your dog’s comfort should be at the forefront of a veterinary dentist’s practice. This includes specialized training in dealing with anxious or behaviorally challenged pets and providing a calming environment for dental procedures.

Open Communication with Pet Owners

A great veterinary dentist should discuss their findings and treatment options with pet owners, keeping them updated on their dog’s progress and dental health status.

Veterinary Internal Medicine and Its Role in Dental Health

Internal health issues may be correlated with dental problems, hence the importance of regular check-ups and collaboration between specialists. For instance, a clinic like Fine Animal Hospital’s internal medicine vet could offer insight into any underlying issues impacting your pet’s dental health.

More Than Just Dental Care: Pet Boarding Services

Sometimes, pet owners want a one-stop shop for all their pet care needs. Consider choosing a facility that offers pet boarding in Bedford or your local area. This makes accessing multiple services, such as regular check-ups, dental care, and boarding or daycare facilities for your pet, more convenient.


In conclusion, finding the best veterinary dentist for your dog is essential for maintaining their oral health and overall well-being. Along with prioritizing dental care, consider the benefits of selecting a clinic that offers additional services, such as veterinary internal medicine and pet boarding. By following the tips and information in this article, you’ll be well on your way to providing the best care for your furry companion and ensuring they have a happy and healthy life. Always remember, prevention is better than cure – and that also applies to our pets!